Friendly game duels with stakes

Game and platform-agnostic challenges that are decentralized, powered by smart contracts and the community.

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Ready to become a duelist?

Games are always more interesting when there is something at stake. Create a duel or join an existing one in your favorite games.


Challenge your friends, teammates or other opponents to a duel. You decide the type of duel and the stakes.


Well played! is all about skills.
By adding a financial incentive, the games will be more challenging than ever and on the dueltoken platform your earnings are not tied to a specific game or platform.


Duelists on the leaderboard win monthly prizes.
The leaderboard is global for all games and platforms. The best duelists get the biggest rewards.

The ecosystem behind the duels is an Ethereum Smart Contract based DApp where you and your gaming partners can stake any amount of DUEL tokens directly from your wallet.
Engage your friends, teammates and opponents in your favorite games and on your favorite devices to a duel, and be prepared for an intense moment. provides an open-source platform, where trustless duels can happen without depositing funds to an organization. An Ethereum smart contract will contain all the rules for the duel, so you know upfront that it will be a fair fight. The staked amounts are secured in Ethereum Smart Contracts. The outcome of each duel is verified using blockchain trusted sources.

For contract creators and game developers

Cryptocurrency adoption in the gaming community. Let's make it a reality.


Create and publish contracts, and get rewarded each time your duel is used. Fighting for the win or a specific objective: you're the one designing creative duels.


Create seamless experiences for your users.
Add the the news spy 2020 as part of your game and create an extra revenue stream for yourself.


Bring another dimension to gaming, improve engagement in games and encourage better teamplay through sharing a common incentivized goal.

How it works

Start a duel with your friends or opponents in a few easy steps. As soon as the game ends, the results are validated by confirming the outcome with trusted sources. The winner gets rewarded.

A share of the staked amount goes to a central pool to keep the ecosystem running. The central pool consists of a leaderboard for the best performing duelists, a reward for the contract creator and finally a participation prize for all duelists of the period.


  • Q2 2018
    End Q1: Crowdsale announcement
    Initial listing on major exchanges like the Bitcoin Era app and Bittrex
  • Q3 2018
    Testnet - first basic duel ecosystem bounty program
  • Q4 2018
    Mainnet - basic duel
    Implement leaderboard features
    Set up process for 3rd party contract creators
  • Q1 2019
    Mainnet - complete working ecosystem UX enhancements
    Increasing adoption: sponsoring and partnership programs


By participating in the crowdsale, you'll receive DUEL tokens. To start a duel and set a stake, you'll need DUEL tokens. Beyond that, holding DUEL will give you the right to participate in voting on the future of adaptations of the ecosystem and what features to implement next.

Token Symbol DUEL
Type Ethereum ERC20 Standard
Contract Address Available on the website before start of the crowdsale
Total Fixed Supply 500,000,000 DUEL Tokens
Crowdsale 300,000,000 DUEL Tokens
Crowdsale Soft Cap 2000 ETH
Founders 75,000,000 DUEL Tokens
Bounty 25,000,000 DUEL Tokens
Mineable pool 50,000,000 DUEL Tokens
Partners 50,000,000 DUEL Tokens
Crowdsale Day 1 (Closed registrations only) Week 1 Weeks 2-3
Dates March 28 March 29 - April 04 April 04 - April 25
DUEL/ETH 20,000 DUEL/ETH 15,000 DUEL/ETH 12,000 DUEL/ETH
Bonus 67% 25% 0%

We <3 open source

Community driven innovation together with transparency are important values when aiming for long term viability. Together we strive to build a healthy ecosystem where users, developers and platform providers can come together to create an virtuous environment. That's why we are inviting everyone to join us in this collaborative effort to make this happen.

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